#MeToo, #YouToo and Public Disrespect

Lucky is the gal or guy among us who hasn’t had some sort of sexual abuse forced on them at one time or another in their lives.

Some of us grew up with sexual abuse in our own homes. Some were sexually “initiated” by the father or husband of the family we babysat for. Then perhaps there were brothers, male cousins, neighbors, teachers and even clergy who sexually “intruded” on our lives.

Again, lucky is the woman (or man) who hasn’t had this sort of sex abuse perpetrated on them.

But what doesn’t sit right with me are all the women (and now men) who waited 10-20 or even 30 years to come out about it.

Take Ashley Judd, for instance. All these supposed abuses with Harvey Weinstein happened to her when she was on her way up the Hollywood ladder, and who knows how long and how frequently those alleged sexual abuses went on.

Instead of speaking up right then, instead of having confidence in her abilities as an actor, Ashley chose to keep silent until she was firmly established not only in the epitome of celebrity-hood’s “Hollywood Walk of Fame,” but the massive bank account that came with it.

Take Ashley Judd, again, for her venomous, virally famous attack on newly inaugurated President Trump at the Washington D.C. Pink Pussy Hat Women’s March on the Saturday after the inauguration. Few on that stage were more vitriolic than she.

And recently, some woman’s organization gave her an award for her special “courage” in speaking out against such sexual abuse. I’m sorry, that’s not “courage,” it’s personal enrichment still called “Gold-Digging.”

It seems a lot of people in La-La Land look at these “Casting Couch” sex abuses as a matter of course – as the price a lot of them paid for their fame and fortune. Stardom at any cost was their end goal. Sex and youth were the means . . .

And why did other celebrities look away knowing that this was just the way it is, especially with regard to Harvey Weinstein. “Initiation by Harvey” was “Hollywood’s Dirty Little Secret.”

When you think back to a lot of the previous head-scratching Oscar and other big award winners, this explains a whole lot, doesn’t it.

I’m not saying all, but what majority of these actresses got where they are today because of Weinstein and others like him “buying” their silence with success?

Sure, this crap has gone on far too long, but when the likes of Jane Fonda feign guilt and outrage because of NOT speaking up when they knew all along . . . well, all I can say is consider the sources and let’s move on.

It doesn’t matter what political position you’re in these days – what matters here are morals, right and wrong. Hollywood’s duplicity, accusing others of the very things they’re guilty of – in spades – is a tragic turnoff.

It’s time for us to show Hollywood what we really think of them with our wallets.

What Hervey Weinstein’s perversion brings to light is that for all of Hollywood’s pontificating to us like they’re the “Chosen Ones” so we better listen up if we know what’s good for us – is that everyone in Hollywood are mere mortals just like us. They each had an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in this matter and they chose not to.

Any one of us could’ve been in their shoes – yet how we would’ve reacted with fame and fortune dangling in our faces like bones to starving dogs, if only we played “Harvey’s Hollywood Fame Game” – remains to be seen.

How ‘bout the rest of you? How do you feel about the Hollywood Hypocrisy in relation to all that’s gone down in society and politically over the past two years?

How eager are you women and men to support any effort, movie, concert, or event these over-indulged, self-entitled hypocrites drum up.

Further, trying to make us think we should all vote with our vaginas like they voted for Hillary is plain preposterous.

Fortune Magazine quotes Hillary Clinton as saying “women who support Trump are “Publicly Disrespecting Themselves” because she views his comments about women as sexist. She can’t be serious.

For Hill baby, #MeToo has a whole new meaning. She needs to look within on this one . . . Talk about publicly disrespecting oneself.