About Laura Dion-Jones

Laura is a Political, Pro-Health and Fashion activist, TV & Radio Talk Show Host, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach (CCWC), Certified Wellness Coach (CWC), Motivational and Lifestyle Writer, Speaker and Author of: Commit To Get Fit: Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss. In addition, she is also highly regarded as a motivational and weight loss coach, a lifestyle and fashion consultant and designer, and make over expert.

Laura brings her extensive expertise, street-smart sensibility, and vast experience in fitness, fashion, and beauty to her writing and coaching careers. This background has helped her become one of the country’s top experts and motivational coaches in the fields of weight loss, fitness walking, developing discipline, maximizing human potential, overcoming adversity, improving personal appearance and increasing self-esteem.

The Laura Dion-Jones Commit To Get Fit Foundation is a 501(c) (3) NFP tax exempt foundation that helps further Laura’s mission to combat our country’s escalating obesity epidemic. Email for details.

Laura’s mission, talks and speeches, her book and passion are to help put an end to our country’s obesity epidemic by changing the way people think about health and fitness, and redefining healthy eating by showing them they have choices, alternatives they might have never thought of before, and by building healthier communities through improving the health and fitness of individuals, thereby improving their lives.

Commit To Get Fit provides accountability-based fitness programs and motivational seminars with a variety of approaches tailored to the needs of individuals, corporations and organizations for healthy weight loss and improved personal performance.

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Design Background Summary

  • Proven Large-Size Fashion Designer, expert, and authority in the Plus-Size and Missy fashion industries with extensive experience in all other aspects of the Fashion Industry including manufacturing, sales and marketing.

  • Known for soft, easy, related-separate dressing that is sophisticated, highly styled, of excellent quality and great fit with color combinations, fabrications and silhouettes that are unique and truly flattering to the Full-Figured Woman.

  • An avid and successful self-promoter who has garnered on-going national publicity as well as local trade and consumer coverage in all areas of advertising media, including television, video, radio, newspaper, consumer magazines, trade magazines and related publications.

  • Administration and production experience encompassing original design concepts, collection planning and execution, cost analysis, budgeting, sales and fabric projections and forecasts.

  • Experienced in mass production in Asia from original design concept to unlimited quantities.

  • Responsible for all staffing and training of all design personnel and a member of the International Fashion Group from 1990 to 2000.