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  • Proven Large-Size Fashion Designer, expert, and authority in the Plus-Size and Missy fashion industries with extensive experience in all other aspects of the Fashion Industry including manufacturing, sales and marketing.

  • Known for soft, easy, related-separate dressing that is sophisticated, highly styled, of excellent quality and great fit with color combinations, fabrications and silhouettes that are unique and truly flattering to the Full-Figured Woman.

  • An avid and successful self-promoter who has garnered on-going national publicity as well as local trade and consumer coverage in all areas of advertising media, including television, video, radio, newspaper, consumer magazines, trade magazines and related publications.

  • Administration and production experience encompassing original design concepts, collection planning and execution, cost analysis, budgeting, sales and fabric projections and forecasts.

  • Responsible for all staffing and training of all design personnel and a member of the International Fashion Group from 1990 to 2000.


Are you fed up with clothes that are skimpy and unbecoming? Clothes that just cover you up instead of showing you off to your best advantage? Have you HAD IT with inferior fabrics? Skimpy designs? Colors that fade? Shabby craftsmanship? Quality that isn’t?

LAURA DION-JONES is alive and well and ready to keep creating all the wonderful designs her loyal clients have known & loved & counted on for years.

And, although DION-JONES designs are currently not available in stores, with the right design director opportunity presented to her - it will be possible to enjoy the comfort, ease and versatility of DION-JONES favorites!

Other websites and catalogs offer fashions for full-figured women, but they can not offer you the quality, style and comfort you’ve come to expect from LAURA DION-JONES.

When you’re ready for a look you will love & will love to live with, Laura is ready to serve you!

LAURA DION-JONES designs great fashions that will continue to flatter you for years to come! DION-JONES delivers!

To look your best, contact LAURA DION-JONES at dionjones@aol.com


The Dion-Jones Special Size Woman of today is an individual. She expresses style and class wherever she goes, and with whatever she does. She is confident, self-assured and in control. She is the image of success. She also embodies the qualities that all women strive for in their lives: strength, spirit, the desire to succeed and the ability to recognize and build on her own unique style.

The Dion-Jones Special Size Woman whispers style and her message is loud and clear!

A first impression is a lasting impression. I cannot emphasize this enough: Do not take the chance of not looking your very best at all times. Our IMAGE is our most important sales tool. Each and every day we sell ourselves one way or another. We are our own best advertising. In business and in our personal lives, we are constantly judged by how we look. Some people think this is unfair, but how do YOU judge people? Especially when you see them for the first time.

When we look good, we feel good about ourselves. Others respond better to us.

The easiest thing to change about ourselves is the way we look - what we wear. This will help us feel better about ourselves immediately.

Women create their own image. Now is the perfect time to re-invent yourself.

We need to appreciate and enhance what we have. To take stock and improve on it. To make a pact to feel better about ourselves. To gain and maintain that elusive thing called self-confidence.

Looking good and being well dressed at all times should be a priority. There is nothing better to boost your own self-esteem. Don't wait to get that new outfit -- DO IT NOW! So many times I've heard women say "I'm going to loose weight first and then I'll treat myself to a new wardrobe, or a new hair cut, color, perm, whatever..
Why can't you accept the fact that you must look good even while you are loosing weight? YOU DESERVE IT WOMAN!!!!! And I am speaking to each and every one of you.

Get the PROPORTIONS right! What matters as you wonder what to wear with what is achieving a feeling of balance and harmony. Too small an item can sabotage any look. BUY FOR FIT -- NOT A SIZE LABEL!! The best clothes in the world are not right for you unless they are the right size and shape for your body. And please believe me, I am an expert in the Special Size field. All your elements have to work together. Trench coats that are too short for your dress, Yuck! Tops that are too short or too tight - just because they cover you up - are not a good fit.

Dion-Jones can help you be the woman you deserve to be.

Dion-Jones Sketches

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