What Drives Hillary?

Self-awareness is a prerequisite to success in all things.

Self-awareness is “Knowing yourself well and having a balanced and honest view of your own personality, and often an ability to interact with others frankly and confidently.”

These are crucial character traits that Hillary Clinton sorely lacks. Evidence her new book, What Happened.

Why Hillary Really Lost the Election:

Besides being a bad candidate who absolutely refused to relate and interact with We, the People, Hillary’s downfall is driven by an irrational, emotional disturbance manifesting itself in preposterous denial combined with an intense hatred for and jealousy of President Donald J. Trump.

Hillary feels in her heart of hearts – if there is such a thing – that she was egregiously robbed of the U.S. Presidency and that it is rightfully hers because it was, in her words – “My Turn!”

In a lot of respects, Hillary is an evocation of Evita. When she says: “I’m thrilled to be out of the woods. There’s no other place I’d rather be than the White House.”

All We, the People can say is, “Dream the F on, tootsie. You won’t live long enough to get there legally in this lifetime.”

She further says, “Misogyny played a big role in my election loss . . . “

Whaaat? Anything BUT personal responsibility!

Hillary Clinton’s self-righteous feminism is particularly nauseating in light of all of Billy Boy’s infidelity hijinks and now her Bestie, Harvey Weinstein’s sex abuse accusations. Boy, does this hit close to home for Hill, or what.

And, “It’s not like I didn’t know all the nasty things they were saying about me . . . “

Let me just mention, Hill, you brought each and every one of those “nasty things” upon yourself by your actions since day one of your law career and political reign. You stooped at nothing to ensure Billy’s and your place in our political history – even when it meant destroying women who were preyed upon by your own husband, Bill.

I don’t want to bore our readers with the litany of Hillary and Billy Boy’s transgressions against women, in general, but suffice it to say she’s one desperate, sick woman – and I use the term “woman” loosely. Hillary and her hypocritical Hollywood Elite gal pals set true feminism back to the dark ages. And sadly, none of them seems to care.

But, as always for Hillary, the best defense is a good offense.

Now when Hill’s not blaming President Trump and everyone and everything else under the sun for her election loss – her new rallying cry is “Resist, Insist, Persist, and Enlist.“ Just what those disillusioned, disgruntled, divisive democrat dames want to hear.

Bad enough Hill’s behavior is egregiously divisive, Un-American, racist and totally uncalled for, her anger and resentment have now grown to the point of embarrassing humiliation. Rumor has it that even Billy isn’t talking to her . . . They no longer seem to have any use for one another going forward, do they.

And given Hill’s current International “Blame Game Book Tour,” it sounds like the divisive democratic douche is STILL having a very difficult time accepting the results of losing the election.

Lastly, please let me remind us all of one of Hillary’s best quotes to date: "Anyone who can't accept the results of an election is a threat to democracy."

Look in the mirror, Hill, baby. THAT’s who played the biggest role in your election loss – Y-O-U.

You, GF, lack honest self-awareness . . .