MSM Reporters “Fat Shame” Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

I’m gonna quote The Daily Caller’s article a whole bunch here using it as my rebuttal to the ignorant, rude, MSM *demo-douches who recently tried to slice and dice White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders about her physical appearance, accent, weight, speaking voice, etc. So pull up a chair . . .

“Two male, liberal columnists this week launched personal attacks against White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Los Angeles Times columnist David Horsey mocked Sanders’ appearance, saying she “looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games.

Rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings, Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes,” Horsey wrote on Wednesday. “Yet, even if Trump privately wishes he had a supermodel for a press secretary, he is lucky to have Sanders.”

Pure conjecture – how the F does this Horsey guy know who Trump privately wishes he’d rather have at his back – than Sarah Huckabee Sanders! And besides, Trump’s married to one of the top Supermodels of the age. How ’bout you, Horsey?

These disrespectful boys need a real slap up side they heads – and I believe Sanders gave it to them . . . and have they looked in the mirror lately? “People Mag’s Sexiest Men Alive” they ain’t . . . They’re lucky to have the jobs they have – even though they do it very poorly. They’re all obvious intellectual lightweights compared to Sanders – hence their jealous personal attacks of her.

And: “Another columnist, the New York Times’ Frank Bruni, similarly went out of his way on Friday to bash Sanders for her personal characteristics, in this case her way of speaking.”

Furthermore: You can “WATCH SARAH SANDERS OWN NBC’s PETER ALEXANDER: AND then read the rest of Bruni’s bunkum here:

MSM News Flash: Wanna “Fat Shame” someone – how’s ‘bout you pick on Chrissy Metz of “This Is Us” fame. Or is she too left wing for your taste? But then you wouldn’t dare buck Hollywood, now, would you . . .

While a very talented actress she may be – Metz is so chronically obese that she looks like her skin will spit if she even drinks so much as a glass of water.

Ms. Metz is so horribly high risk for all manner of physical ills, it’s not even funny. And yet when her weight is brought up she says, “Thank you, but I’m good . . . “ Really? Tell us that after you lose a leg to diabetes, or after you have a near fatal, catastrophic cardiac episode brought on by your excessive size . . .

Unlike alcoholics and drug addicts – we chronically obese folks wear our addiction on our bodies for all the world to see.

You wear what you eat. Everything . . .

And I do not want to hear that I’m “Fat Shaming” Metz or anyone else. I’m an expert on chronic obesity and how to get rid of it once and for all.

I spent almost my entire life as a chronically obese woman, only now I’m in remission or recovery, if you will, thanks to a low carb lifestyle and daily cardio. So I know full well of what I speak.

Every single day is a struggle to maintain my 150-pound weight loss – keeping almost 130 pounds off for about 14 or 15 years now. I’ve lost count.

Losing weight’s not the achievement. Any fool can lose weight – and don’t make me name names. Keeping it off for the long haul is the real achievement. That’s my track record. What’s yours?

OK, back to the real issue here: The reason these MSM *demo-douches are attacking Sarah Sanders personally is because she beats them at their own game every single day with her Southern Charm, Southern accent, her smarter brain and faster mouth! Truly a girl after my own heart.

As I always say, “Fight fire with Napalm” – and that is what Trump, Sanders, Kellyann, I and a lot of other Pro-Trumpers do. When the shoe fits, kids . . .



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PPS: *Douche: Webster’s #4. Chiefly U.S. slang: An obnoxious or offensive person – “A liar, a fake, and a douche.” – David Daeling

#3. British: An abrupt often chastening shock to the nerves, emotions, or awareness – “The icy douche (What he said about my work)” – John Fowles