• Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show: “There’s not a lot of people who understand that larger sized women also want to look terrific. I wish more designers would get that. Thank you, Laura.”

  • Colette Heimowicz, M.Sc., VP Nutrition & Education Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.: Laura gives us a straight from the hip approach that will change the way you approach food and exercise. She is an inspiration for those who struggle with food. Follow her advice and it will change the way you look, how you feel, and how long you live.

  • David Kaptain Mayor Elgin, Illinois: Laura Dion-Jones is an asset to anyone or any group looking for an accountability-based fitness program. She was a catalyst toward better health for many men and women in our area. As mayor, I’m grateful for the positive energy she brought to Elgin.

  • Marilyn Tam, bestselling Author of “The Happiness Choice,” Speaker, former CEO of Aveda, President of Reebok Apparel Products & Retail Group, and VP of Nike: Laura Dion-Jones walks her talk. Read and benefit from her journey from fat to fab. Laura is down to earth, funny, and wise from practical experience and research on what truly works in regaining and maintaining a healthy body. You’ll love her book, so get it. You and your body will thank you for it.

  • Otis Wilson, #55, Former Chicago Bear football player and Super Bowl Champ: “It was good seeing you work so hard. Congratulations. You rock! Keep up the good work.”

  • Michele Piver, Program Coordinator, Helen M. Plum Library: Dear Laura, I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful presentation you gave our patrons at the Helen Plum Library. Your passion about helping others to achieve a healthy weight through a realistic diet and exercise plan is inspiring. Our audience had many questions and you answered them with patience and honesty. You shared some great resources – best of all, your book Commit to Get Fit – Find the Secrets To Your True and Everlasting Weight Loss. You are a true professional and it was a pleasure to work with you.

  • Colette Heimowicz, M.Sc., VP Nutrition & Education, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.: Laura gives us a straight from the hip approach that will change the way you approach food and exercise. She is an inspiration for those who struggle with food. Follow her advice and it will change the way you look, how you feel, and how long you live.

  • Mark Stolar, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Northwestern University, Northwestern Internists, Ltd.: So many “experts” in the weight management field talk but don’t walk the path to fitness and wellness. Laura’s commitment to fitness and wellness is remarkable, not only personally but in helping others commit to get fit in a balanced and sustainable way.

  • James R. Bailes, Jr., M.D., F.A.A.P., Pediatric Endocrinology, Specializing in childhood obesity, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Marshall University School of Medicine: Laura Dion-Jones knows weight loss! She has personally experienced every diet imaginable and figured out that a reduced carbohydrate diet combined with daily exercise is easy to follow and successful! ! C2GF is a lifestyle plan that will change lives! This is as easy as it gets in the realm of diet and exercise.

  • Karyn Calabrese, The country’s top vegan and raw food nutritionist: As I often say, there are many roads to the top of the mountain and this is true for all aspects of our lives. Laura certainly has a place for anyone in their healing and transformation process. Baby steps work for many, some people can jump in 100% but that doesn’t work for everyone. She certainly has found a process that works for her and can be passed down to many to help them improve at their own pace. Love and gratitude for all you do.

  • George Rawlinson, author and publisher: I have worked with and known Laura Dion-Jones for several years. She has a unique and unparalleled perspective on health and fitness—a perspective that is incredible to hear. She is an encyclopedia of practical knowledge and a caring, compassionate motivational guide for readers who want to transform themselves into healthier, happier adults. Laura’s ongoing mission is to be of service. I remain a friend and fan for life. Read, listen, and learn!

  • Clare M. Ollayos, D.C.: Laura has literally walked her talk. She has a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to health, focusing on both fitness and weight management. Importantly, her holistic approach involves healthy food choices, portion control, and finding an exercise combination that works and making it a lifestyle rather than a short-term fix. Many of her food choices are excellent for persons with gluten or dairy sensitivity as well. Read this book and enjoy more vitality!

  • Eleanor (Elly) Laser, PhD: Laura Dion-Jones’ book is a revelation about the struggle and discrimination the obese person goes through. Laura climbed up a steep mountain, counting on herself to find the path leading to the top. Her ultimate weight loss success is an inspirational story illustrating that anyone can be helped. Her theme throughout is never give up. She builds the reader’s encouragement, which is the key to change. I specialize in medical hypnosis. I am honored to have been one part of her successful outcome with the “Sweet Tooth Extraction.”

  • Sue Koch, Strategic Social Media Coach and Speaker: This book is a must read for anyone who thinks it cannot be done, who has succumbed to the idea that “this is just my lot in life.” Laura did it against all odds, finding the path to success that even doctors could not afford her. Her candid yet caring writing style will draw you in and her authenticity will help you to feel understood where no one else could. She is the coach you’ve been seeking and will finally make you realize you can change your life, you can be healthy. Read it. Follow it. Commit to get fit with Laura!

  • Rickey Gold – Public Relations: Laura writes in a smart, funny, honest, if-I-did-it-you-can-do-it style. Her books are fun to read cause she’s so warm, authentic, and a great storyteller. Commit To Get Fit is loaded with tips, motivation, and inspiration for achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle. Laura shares how she struggled for years until she finally discovered the key to weight loss and maintenance. The wisdom she shares in this book can help you lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle as well … whether you want to lose ten pounds or two hundred.

  • Bet O: For me, your motivational stories have been so great. Besides losing weight, I have been accomplishing every one of my personal goals for the past two months. That is something I rarely do!

  • Kay Kosinski-Duren: My first thought is “Action is the antidote to our sense of powerlessness, and Action is Laura’s middle name. Just look at those words “Commit” and “Get Fit.” Laura has lived action and she inspires through her experience. There is no better action one could take for oneself than to heed Laura’s advice.”

Hola, Laura!

I remember the very first time that I met you at the Y and the first thought that came to my head was, this lady is doing promotion for her own convenience, she comes from a different life style and different social level, why does she want to help others? But through the weeks I was in your C2GF class, I changed my mind—how wrong I was … I saw in your eyes that you are a genuine person, you had your eyes watering when you told us that we were wonderful people, this is why I have to be honest. I learned a lot in your group class, but the most important thing that I like was that we can talk without any prejudice about diet, weight, food, exercise, and who loses or gains weight without being criticized, because we all are in the same boat.

In the past, sometimes my self-esteem was a little low due to my weight or my appearance, but since I’m reading your book and your articles on motivation, I have changed. I said IF LAURA CAN … I CAN, TOO, I’m going to try to be more strict in what I eat and working out. Thank you for everything you did for us all.


Laura Dion Jones was a speaker at our first annual Writer’s Week at Boston Middle School, in LaPorte, IN, in April, 2015.  She generously gave of her time to talk to the students in language they understood. She spoke about her journey as a writer and as a person, motivating them to always push harder. She encouraged them to write every day. She even donated journals for them to take with them. She also posed a challenge to the students to write book reports. She offered two cash prizes of $100 to those students who did the best job.  She is very generous with her time, talent and treasure. We can’t wait to have her back again next year.

Rose Sgambelluri
Boston Middle School, LaPorte, IN

Kendra Spain:


Just wanted to say thank you for the motivating workshop on Tuesday. I know what I need to do, it’s just a matter of actually doing it on a consistent basis. I feel like I really “wanna” —it’s pretty much all I think of every day. But I realize as a busy mom with 2 kids, working full time, I just put everyone else ahead of me and the result has been disastrous. I’m just completely disgusted with my own excuses, my own failures, and disappointing myself over and over. I really liked the questions you posed, “How badly do I want it? What am I willing to give up? What commitments can I make?” I’m the only one stopping myself. “Deep down I know the right thing to do—the worst thing is to do nothing at all.” So here are my new DAILY goals.

  • Track all my food on MyFitnessPal app (tracks carbs too) Limit carbs to 30 net carbs per day

  • Walk 1 hour every day (even Sunday)

  • Weigh myself every morning and log it

  • Take my Metformin every night

  • Get 8 hours of sleep every night

  • Thank you for your incredible support.


Dear Laura:

I’ve enjoyed spending Wednesdays in your C2GF class and, thanks to you, I’ve learned about a better way to eat that is good for me. I’ve always known that the secret to weight loss was move more and eat less. However, although I knew I should avoid foods that are desserts, I had no idea what “carbs” really were and how much of them could hide in the foods and beverages I consume until you showed us the way. I’ve always thought there should be an easier, healthy, no magic pills or potions way to weight loss and you’ve taught me that. You always tell us you are not an M.D., not a Ph.D., not an N.D., nor an R.D. You say you are a “No D” – Laura there is no “D” in “Success.” Thank YOU for teaching, sharing, and living what you know; you’ve helped more people than you will ever know!



Just wanted to thank you for all your help and for the quote about change that led off your latest motivational blog post. I am down 126 lbs. after a year of hard work, and have changed in many ways. Having been morbidly obese, I still have probably another year of effort ahead of me, which I fully embrace, but unfortunately, my friends are having a harder time of it accepting the new me … Refreshed with a new spirit where my life is more about me, my health, and the new experiences that I am having, my friends are less than excited to share in my journey. Sure, they are happy about my weight loss, but I can only guess that they have an unspoken disappointment because my existence no longer revolves around eating and drinking with them and living their lives vicariously since I hardly had one of my own. This is a hard and unspoken truth, but one I am having to work through nearly every day in my relationships. I never thought that my biggest supporters would also become my biggest detractors, but I suppose that change is hard on everyone—especially if they choose to not embrace it. All this said, I will never give up the good fight … I’ve come too far now to give up, and my new life is exactly that, mine, and mine to live to the fullest. Thankfully, I am no longer tempted by my old demons. It’s amazing what a sincere lifestyle change, endurance, and patience can do for a person. If we could only bottle this and share it, the world would be a much better place. Thanks again for sharing the quote, helping motivate me to do this … it was a wise word for me today.



Dear Laura:

What do I like best about you? YOU! You’re genuine, and you deeply care for people. What is great about you is that it is not just for your family and friends—the people you know. You care for people you don’t even know! I liked that you don’t say everyone HAS TO follow the low-carb way. You let them pick which diet they want but if that isn’t working, you find out what they are doing and help them to make it work, however that may be. What I liked about CTGF is that it gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get going. You gave me the knowledge to make it work.

CTGF was fun. I met a lot of great people and we all got along so well. I looked forward to Wednesday evenings to see everyone and talk, laugh, and, most of all, learn.


Hi Laura,

I want to thank you for giving me the insight to learn more about eating properly. Since I started listening to you at ECC I find that I am feeling much better all around and have more energy. I have lost weight and I do notice that if I “cheat” I gain weight by a few ounces or pounds. I do have to walk more. It is not from lack of desire but more because I am trying to balance full time work, family, kids, and my own business. I was unable to attend most of the classes either b/c of business or family commitments, but I really got my money’s worth for the few classes that I did attend. Kudos to you for sharing your story and encouraging others to do it, too. Keep on trucking; you help make a tremendous difference in people’s lives.


Dear Laura:

I’m a seventy-five-year old Italian immigrant male who found the motivation through working with you to lose forty pounds so I could keep up with my younger buddies moose hunting in Montana. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my weight loss, wellness, and moose hunting goals!


Dear Laura:

Absolutely love the way you motivate, write, and reach out to your participants long after your CTGF classes are over. I can hear you talking to me as if you were standing right before me or as if we ran into one another on the street … Keep your motivational articles comin’!


Hi Laura,

I just wanted to thank you for all you are doing for all of us. I know I am the “twig” of the group. It is strange to even be called that— it’s a first. But for me, your CTGF class has been so great. I have been accomplishing every one of my personal goals for the past two months because of your motivational help. That is something I rarely do. I am now much more fit and healthier than I was when I started your class and I am grateful for that. Your program works for sure, even if my numbers don’t show it!

I am so grateful for what you are doing!




As I count the many blessings received during the past year, meeting you is one of those good fortunes. Your passion for helping others become healthy is an example to be followed. Thank you for what you have taught me this year. May the New Year be your best year yet. May it bring you only good things. May it be the year you are allowed to shine the brightest yet! Thank you for all you do.



Dear Laura,

June 2 is the day I changed my life FOREVER! In my last job, I was an overweight employee on the NASA Space Shuttle program where I helped design the largest rocket in the world—the big orange external fuel tank on Space Shuttle missions—but I’m no rocket scientist when it comes to successfully launching a healthy eating and exercise program for myself. My missions always failed. YOU, Laura, are the genius! I came across your radio show, “The Laura Dion-Jones Show” on a Wed. afternoon in May or April on WRMN 1410 AM. You were telling how you’d lost 150-pounds in two and a half years. I thought that was great— but then you said, “And I’ve kept it off for nine years!” WOW! I’ve never known anyone that lost a lot of weight and was able to KEEP it off. So you got my attention. I just HAD to know how you did it and are doing it. I was so sick of the low-fat, low-calorie, low-taste, unsatisfying diets I’d been on in the past, which I couldn’t maintain. I contacted you via e-mail that day and you told me about your Commit To Get Fit program. I signed up immediately for the next session that started that June 2nd.