Got a Beef With the USPS? #MeToo

I have an ongoing beef with a few of our local United States Post Office branches for the past several years.

I have an ongoing beef with a few of our local United States Post Office branches for the past several years. Recently, things just sort of came to a head – for me, anyway.

I often need some USPS Priority Mail shipping supplies – envelopes, small and medium boxes, etc., so I can print my own postage at home. The lines at most of our USPS branches are interminable. I often say the postal employees should be paid by the piece instead of shielded by the unions . . . Either that, or privatize the whole shebang.

Just sayin’.

I have a zero BS tolerance and when I see people being paid what the postal workers are paid – working at 33 1/3 RPM while the queues get longer and longer – well, it makes me nuts.

The other day (5/7/18), I took a walk over to my closest USPS branch at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, to get some small and medium Priority Mail shipping boxes. I grabbed about ten of the smalls and about three of the medium sized.

As I loaded them into my dog’s pet stroller, one of the workers looked over at me and admonished me for taking “their” boxes “that are meant only for their USPS customers who come to the branch to have their items shipped.” Get my drift here.

“We load those racks with the shipping supplies strictly for our customers!” She screeched at me. Talk about embarrassing . . .

“Whadda ya think I am,” I shot back. “I’m only taking ten of the small boxes and three of the medium.”

“You need to order your own shipping supplies on line,” she yelled.

“I’ve tried to order shipping supplies on line several times and I NEVER receive them, so here I am, taking some of “yours,” I replied.

“Well, maybe you don’t know how to order,” she said.

With that I just smiled, stuffed the boxes into my stroller, thanked her for her service and made my way out the door.

Here’s the deal folks – what I really wanted to say was: “It’s your JOB to keep these shipping supply racks filled with shipping supplies for any and all of us USPS customers regardless of where we ship from.”

Tell me I’m wrong . . .

Another issue I have with the USPS is that there is no longer any such thing as “Sanctity of the Mail” like there used to be. And I have the pictures of my tampered-with packages and envelopes to prove it.

Not to mention all the cards I’ve sent to friends for holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings and more – that have never, ever reached their final destinations.

They’ve all vanished into the thin air of zip 60654 of the USPS.

And it’s always envelopes and packages that look like they might contain money or something of value . . . that are ripped, slit or poked open.

What would you do, in this instance, when the USPS constantly tells you that the damage you’re complaining about “is due to their machinery and not tampering?”

BS, I say . . .

There is no longer any such thing as the “Sanctity of the U.S. Mail.” Trust me on this.